Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Week Two Update

Last weeks weather was typical I guess for Georgia this time of year. Started off Sunny and upper 70's on Monday and ended rainy and 40's on Sunday. The rain wrecked havoc in my training for the week. I was able to get my run in on Friday as the rain didn't start until early Sat. morning. My planned bike in the north GA mountains on Sat was cancelled and moved indoors for a 2 hour spin class. It's a good substitute, but not the same and for those who think spinning is the same, you are mistaken. Gearing up while on a bike to increase intensity (to go faster) is not the same load on your legs as increasing the resistance on a stationary bike to "simulate" it. It certainly is better than nothing and beats the heck out of catching pneumonia from riding in 38 degree pouring rain. Sunday I missed a 6 hour ride and substituted a 60 min. spin class and a 9.25 mile - 1 hour run on a treadmill at the gym. I don't care much for treadmill running, I think I described that before in a post...lots of looks like "why is that guy sweating so much and 'sprinting.'" 9.25 mph is my zone 1 pace and I'm not sprinting, but it is true I produce a lot of sweat and general soak my running shoes in an hour run, which is another reason I don't like it...they start stinking then...aewwwww. March to date numbers:

March's totals:
Bike: 16h 45m 09s - 326.65 Mi
Run: 16h 21m 04s - 138.23 Mi
Swim: 2h 57m - 10740 Yd
Strength: 4h

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