Tuesday, December 2, 2008

November Recap

November training totals were:

Bike 387.21 Miles in 20H 9M 15S
Run 107.23 Miles in 12H 54M 31s
Swim 15,424 Yds in 4H 10M 24S
Strength 11H 5M

Certainly pitiful, but hey I"m not officially "training".

The Science behind endurance sports is simply amazing to me. I was doing some reading on expected race pace for running and came across the following, which uses a test data to determine your VDOT. A VDOT is determined by using standard values for running economy and by having a timed Performance over at least one running distance, a fitness ("VDOT") value can be assigned to you for training and race-prediction purposes. This VDOT value is then used to predict your running time during triathlon. Obviously your running times during a triathlon will be slower than during just a straight running race. Interestingly enough my VDOT predicted my 3:30 Ironman marathon time. This is significant for me because I was quite disappointed with my marathon time, looking for 10-12 minutes lower. Maybe I shouldn't have expected that faster time. Here are the tables: My VDOT is 55 (at least right now....will be at least 56 for this coming year) :)

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